3600 "Yacht" Check Valve

The YACHT check valve with filter is mainly used in the water withdrawal circuits to keep the pump in primed condition. The filter cartridge ensures a correct suction of the water, limiting the passage of sludge and sediment. The valve has to be installed in a vertical position, with the filter facing downwards, to allow the flow only in an ascending direction. It adapts to be installed at the beginning of the pump suction line (wells, tanks, collection tanks, agricultural plants, etc.).

Technical Specification:
  • Maximum operating temperature: + 100 °C
  • Minimum operating temperature: - 20 °C (provided the fluid remains in the liquid phase)
  • Maximum operating pressure: 12 bar (1/2" ÷ 1”) - 10 bar (1”1/4 ÷ 2”) - 8 bar (2”1/2 ÷ 4”)
  • Filtration degree of filtering mesh: 1000 µ

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